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**All patients consented via trained interpreters for inclusion in this video with the understanding that refusing involvement would not impact their care at our clinics.**
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Petoa, Santa Barbara
Primary Care, Dental, Ophthalmologic, Health Education, Research
Michael Mastroianni, MD
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**AcE runs surgical, medical, dental, ophthalmologic, educational, and infrastructural service trips. Prices vary depending on the trip. Please reach out to us via email at if you are interested in organizing a new trip not currently on the schedule!**
Future Goals
Forming Partnerships - We have formed a formal partnership with clinics in each of our partner regions of rural Honduras. Thus far, we have partnered to give these clinics needed medical equipment such as X-ray, ultrasound, and EKG machines, along with lab equipment and laptops that we will now be able to utilize on our medical service trip program. We also hope to incorporate a transportation and accompaniment model, championed by the late Dr. Paul Farmer, within our partner communities. Through this, we would train and hire local Hondurans tasked to transport patients to nearby clinics/hospitals and deliver their needed medications. We would also keep our partner clinics continuously supplied with medications, equipment, and supplies.
Longitudinal Care - We also have a referral system for follow-up of our patients with chronic disease seen on our medical service trips, and we are consistently looking for ways to improve our longitudinal care. Moving forward, we are hoping to incorporate the REDCap database platform at each of our partner clinics to act as a joint electronic medical record system with our AcE Service Trip Program. This would not only improve the longitudinal tracking of our patients, but would enable us to collaborate on invaluable epidemiologic and intervention-based research in the community.
Medical Care - Our organization has recently formed the Primary Care and Pediatrics Departments led by physicians focused on advancing our primary care initiatives and providing the highest quality of care possible to Honduras. We plan to expand to include various internal medicine subspecialties, including cardiology, gastroenterology, and oncology. These departments aim to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to expand our partnerships with clinics and hospitals, develop new research proposals, recruit additional physicians and providers, improve vaccination rates, and work closely with our schools to improve their overall well-being.
Surgical Care - Our organization has also recently formed the Orthopedic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Otolaryngology, OBGYN, Ophthalmology, and General Surgery Departments headed by surgeons focused on establishing and advancing needed surgical care to our patients. The treatment of surgical conditions is virtually nonexistent in rural Honduras, and our goal is to change that by partnering with existing surgical centers such as the Clinica Medica San Lucas Hospital, before eventually building our own. Through the use of our REDCap database, we will now have medical records of potential candidates for surgery. By collaborating with local physicians and remotely following up with our patients through the use of donor laptops and iPads, we will ensure that our patients will receive the needed surgical and postoperative care they deserve to function and prosper.
Ancillary Health - The Ancillary Health Department was recently founded to arrange comprehensive ancillary care both remotely and in-person to our partner communities. These services include but are not limited to dentistry, physical therapy, mental health services, genetic counseling, and social work. In addition to assisting on our service trips, our respected AcE professionals will collaborate directly with our partner clinics and orphanages to improve our patients’ physical and mental health. We will also incorporate a social services program to enable qualified patients to sign up for national health insurance and other social services.